geff saves energy. We optimize the energy consumption of building-infrastructure equipment and processes.

geff works holistically. We examine both the energy consumption and financial side of your project, as well as taking employee motivation into account.

We work with a modular approach, having developed a suitable portfolio of solutions for each category of building technology – referred to as “modules”. Each client receives a customized package of efficiency measures made up of one or more modules, which include both a guarantee for the energy savings as well as a choice of financing models. We support our clients in their sustainability-related marketing and PR needs via our geff Module, Media+. We are global and manufacturer-independent.

Our Modules

we provide energy efficiency measures for the following areas…

Visualization & Monitoring

Data Collection
Data Analysis
Report Generation
Sustainability Dashboard

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Ventilation Technology

Air Ductwork
Complete Ventilation Systems
Demand-Optimized Controls
Preventive Maintenance

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Lighting Systems

Interior Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Street Lighting
Improved Light Quality
Intelligent Lighting Controls

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High-Efficiency Motors
Electrical Drives
Mechanical Drives
Hydraulic Drives
Optimized Transmission of Force

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Compressed Air Systems

Intelligent Compressor Controls
Compressor Management
Air Compressor Waste-Heat Recovery Systems
Optimized Compressed Air Distribution and Delivery
Leak Identification and Repair

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Refrigeration Technology

Air Conditioning / Refrigeration Systems
Chiller Units
Chilled-Beam System
Convection Coolers
Direct Evaporator Units

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Heating Technology

Radiant Heating Panels
Hydronic Pumps
Buffer Tanks
Boiler Retrofit
Hydraulic Calibration

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Waste-Energy Recovery

Waste-Heat Recovery
Waste-Cooling Recovery
Process Waste-Heat
Thermal Afterburning
Waste-Water Heat

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Energy Supply

Electrical Energy
Thermal Energy
Biomass – Decentralized Energy Supply and Storage
Solar and Wind Energy
Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Geothermal Energy

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Control Systems
Process Technology
Energy Management Software
Building Automation
Building Control Technology

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Training & Support

Support for Systems and Hardware
Support for Software Users
Training for Sales and Implementation of Energy Conservation Measures
Seminars on Energy Efficient Behaviors
Training for Energy Efficient Design

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geff Steps

We guide you through the entire optimization process

1. Visualization & Analysis

The first step involves geff experts documenting the energy consumption and technical infrastructure: your energy consumption, facility equipment, utility contracts, and buildings, as well as the overall consumption behavior along the entire value chain. We then look at all the different aspects of possible energy efficiency improvements, including system-, technical-, and organizational improvements, as well as human resources capacity adjustments. Together, we set the scope for savings and investments in the latest technology, while also tying in possible public, private, and utility financing opportunities based on the chosen investments and available programs.

2. Implementation

All the chosen improvement measures will be implemented to the highest quality standards. We have vast knowledge of and extensive experience with working on very sensitive and confidential projects. Our project management practices take your organization‘s internal operational infrastructure and needs into account. A further very important element of the implementation phase is the training and integration of your employees into the newly deployed system.

3. Monitoring

Our gEMS (global Energy Monitoring System) is about control and transparency. Run-time reports, energy cost reports, CO2 emissions, profitability analyses – the complete system is recorded, monitored, and displayed in a user-friendly manner. Real-time measurement data is regularly evaluated, allowing for ongoing improvement of your system. Of course we also ensure and guarantee a high level of confidentiality for your data.

geff offers more,

a 360° Solutions Portfolio, with Guarantees:

Savings Guarantee

We are so sure of our work that we guarantee the energy savings from our projects – giving you planning-security and confidence.


We facilitate individual financing solutions, set up to strike the right balance between your economic and environmental needs. We work together with you to evaluate the various potential models and to choose the one which best meets your expectations.


We have no need or requirement to recommend specific products or brands, making us solution-agnostic. You can be assured that you will always get freedom of selection from amoung the best technical components for your desired solution. The right solution in the right place – we give you independent and transparent advice.

Global Reach

Our global network of partners helps ensure a constant flow of new technology innovations. We bring these new solutions for energy efficiency to our clients from around the world.

This belongs to the optimization process: media+

Involving the people that will be impacted by an efficiency concept in that concept is of immense importance.

Every single person impacted by the project can help achieve the desired goals – through understanding and therefore informed choices and actions. The necessary sensitization can be provided for via workshops or “action days“. The most important thing is that the people become active participants and therefore a vital part of the whole efficiency concept.

geff Media has you covered with the positioning and the marketing support for your efficiency concepts – both internally towards your own employees and externally towards your customers.

Whether via digital or print media, through coaching and the necessary liaison person, or even by setting up a roadshow – we will help you implement your efficiency measures with creativity and passion.

Training, Workshops
Visualize Successes
Designated Liaison Person
Media Support
Integration in the Network
Mission Statement
Discerning Perception
Reacting Sustainably
Support for Print and Digital
CO2 Counter

“Everyone has their part to play. To move and motivate through the efficiency concept; doing the important and right things.“

Your Advantages with geff in short form